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We became a supplier for China Tower in 2014

Power exchange project refers to an energy sharing project in the mode of "lithium battery + intelligent power exchange cabinet + energy operation management platform". Currently, 4G communication technology is adopted, and 5G technology will be adopted in the later stage for device interconnection, so as to provide convenient battery leasing and power exchange services for users.

The intelligent electric vehicle changing cabinet is an indispensable electric vehicle energy service infrastructure after the large-scale industrialization of electric vehicles. In order to meet the needs of the development of new energy electric vehicles, the infrastructure construction of new energy electric vehicles is accelerated.Based on intelligent battery technology, the sharing and exchange of battery resources can be realized through Internet technology, so as to meet users' daily and flexible demands for power use.

Product Features:

High efficiency special module is used to ensure charging efficiency and charging safety

Multi-stage protection mechanism is adopted in the electrical changing cabinet to ensure the safety during charging

Customized development of high-performance BMS to ensure the safety and service life of the battery

Strict requirements for cell selection, the use of high-density battery pack, so that the battery in a relatively low rate of discharge, to ensure the cycle life of the battery and use safety

Our company is fully independent development, to provide customers with "Terminal equipment + Cloud platform + App + Service" complete solution;

Application Field:

Express delivery industry

Food industry

Ordinary battery car users

Shared Electric Vehicle industry

We became a supplier for China Tower in 2014g