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6 Fire Safety Measures For Charging Piles

Aug. 28, 2021

Charging Piles

Charging Pile


With the prevalence of new energy vehicles, their complementary charging piles are also receiving more and more attention. At the same time, the fire safety of the charging pile building station is also constantly concerned by the electric car owners. So what are its fire precautions?

1. Fire inspection

Fire fighting facilities and monitoring equipment should be regularly maintained and serviced by dedicated personnel. The fire extinguishing and monitoring system should be in good condition. Implement the fire safety responsibility system and job fire safety responsibility system, and implement the inspection and monitoring system. The fire hazards found in the inspection are not rectified in time according to the specified time and are punished according to the reward and punishment system

2. Fire training

New employees are allowed to start work only after passing the examination. Subsequent to that, we have to organize the regular study of fire regulations and rules and regulations. Regular fire training and emergency drills. All personnel should master firefighting knowledge and be familiar with the location, performance, and use of firefighting equipment.

3. No open flame

No one shall smoke in the charging post area or light an open fire in the charging area. In the event of a fire, employees are obliged to promptly report to the police and report the time, location, and fire situation promptly.


The Charging Piles

The Charging Pile

4. Safety and protective equipment

Maintenance personnel should wear insulated gloves, insulated rubber shoes, insulated rubber mats, and protective glasses, etc., and their insulation level must be greater than 1000V.

5. Employee awareness

Employees should actively cooperate with the fire safety management, and shall not refuse or obstruct the normal management of fire safety. In the event of a fire, employees have the obligation and promptly take the initiative to put out the fire.

6. Emergency exits

Emergency exits in the charging station should be kept open, and in case of fire, effective measures should be taken in time to evacuate people and report to the relevant departments.

We are a charging posts supplier and offer the above advice for the safety of your use. In addition, if you need them, please feel free to contact us.