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Classification of UPS Power Supply

Sep. 10, 2021

UPS Power

UPS Power

UPS is divided into three categories: backup type, online type and online interactive type according to the working principle.


Backup UPS

Our most commonly used is the backup UPS. It has the most basic and important functions of UPS such as automatic voltage stabilization and power failure protection. Although there is generally a conversion time of about 10ms. However, due to its simple structure, low price and high reliability, it is widely used in microcomputers, peripherals, POS machines and other fields.

Backup UPS power supply is divided into backup sine wave output UPS power supply and backup square wave output UPS power supply.

Backup sine wave output UPS power supply: single output can be 0.25KW~2KW. When the mains power changes between 170V and 264V, the mains power processed by the voltage regulator is provided to the user. When the utility power exceeds the range of 170V~264V, the UPS will provide high-quality sine wave power.

Backup type square wave output UPS power supply: Different from backup type sine wave output UPS power supply, it only provides users with 50Hz square wave power supply.


Online interactive UPS

Compared with the backup type, the online interactive UPS has a filtering function and has a strong anti-interference ability from the mains. The conversion time is less than 4ms. The inverter output is an analog sine wave, so it can be equipped with network equipment such as servers and routers, or used in areas with harsher power environments.


Online UPS

The online UPS structure is more complicated, but the performance is perfect, and it can solve all power problems. Its distinctive feature is the ability to continuously output pure sine wave alternating current with zero interruption. It can solve all power supply problems such as spikes, surges, and frequency drift. Due to the large investment required, it is usually used in critical equipment and network centers and other environments with demanding power requirements.


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