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Outdoor All-in-one Cabinet

In order to meet the none data room construction requirements of mobile communication distributed base station, satisfy the needs of communication environment of outdoor and device installation, the outdoor all-in-one cabinet is presented

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        In order to meet the none data room construction requirements of mobile communication distributed base station, satisfy the needs of communication environment of outdoor and device installation, the outdoor server cabinet is presented. For all kinds of outdoor small cells and macro cells which use the distributed device(BBU+RRU) can reference implementation, and  the communication device mounting area and integration power system can be configured based on the practical situation. The communication cabinet installed outdoor configure the compartments for installation communication device, power supply, battery, temperature controlling device and other corollary equipment ( like ODF and so on ) inside the cabinet, so that can provide the reliable mechanical and environmental protection and detachable assembly cabinet for internal normal operation which can be installed on difficult to carry place like outdoor, mountaintop and roof. It also has good functions of wind-proof, sand-proof, rain-proof, sun-proof and theft-proof. Heat insulation flame retardant cover of cabinet consist of low thermal conductivity interlayer flame retardant material, satisfied the spare parts site assembly, the level of protection is IP55. The outdoor all-in-one cabinet compartment use air-conditioning and heat exchanger to proceed the heat exchange.

Characteristics of Production

  • -The distribution of inner space is rational and the structure is compact. Cabinet has special central facilities area,       distributing district, battery area, distribution area, wiring area;

  • -The door with the waterproof in front and back is openable, the theft-proof and damage resistance can achieve B level of the GA/T73-1994;

  • -Design double cabinets both inside and outside, material of isolation layer is superior thermal insulating material which can achieve the temperature variations between inside and outside above -5℃;

  • -Three radiating mode can be selected: fan mode, heat exchange mode, air-conditioning mode;

  • -Particular appearance design, the cover is solid to prevent accumulation of the rain; meet the standards of 19" standard, the metric system standard, ETSI standard (European Telecommunications Standards Institute standard), GB/T3047.22-92 standard.

Technical Parameters

Range of operating temperature: -40℃~+50℃;

Range of storage temperature:-25℃~+55℃;

Range of transport temperature:-45℃~+70℃;

Requirement of relative humidity: 5℃~100℃;

Atmospheric pressure: 62kpa-101kpa(approximate to altitude of 0m-5000m);

Solar radiation intensity: total radiation intensity 1120×(1±10%)W/㎡

Configuration and Specifications

ModelW*D*HCapacityRadiating mode
10180001100×1000×165024UFan mode
10183001100×925×165024UHeat exchange mode
10187001100×925×165024UAir-conditioning mode

AT Series Sheet Metal Cabinet

ATD48600A, ATD48200B, ATD48200C, ATC48600B, ATC48400C, ATAT48029B, ATAT48021C and other models, the series of products are made of sheet metal material, can be directly applied to the natural environment. The cabinet adopts anti-theft design, which can be installed in areas such as highway side, park, roof, mountain area, etc.

Base station equipment, power supply equipment, battery, temperature control equipment, transmission equipment and other supporting equipment can be installed in the cabinet, or reserved installation space and heat exchange capacity for the above equipment, which can provide reliable mechanical and environmental protection for the normal operation of internal equipment. 


 outdoor cabinet.jpg                                            



Power supply cabinet

Battery cabinet

Equipment cabinet

Protection grade


Cabinet size

External dimension (mm)



Intelligent Management

 The dormancy energy saving technology is adopted to effectively reduce the system power.

 Extra wide AC input voltage working range.

 Undamaged hot plug technology of rectifier module, plug and play.

 Intelligent battery management can effectively improve the performance and service life of the battery group.

 Complete fault protection and fault alarm function.mnb

 Perfect environmental monitoring and collection function, truly realize the unattended outdoor cabinet.

Quick Installation

The cabinet supports the whole type installation, the size is small, the function is perfect, convenient and quick to build the station.

Protection Design

The box body is made of high-quality galvanized steel plate, the surface is sprayed with high temperature electrostatic plastic, corrosion resistant, beautiful and generous outlook.

The cabinet body is equipped with access control, built-in hinge, three-point locking structure.

The protection grade is IP55, with the characteristics of sun protection, rain proof, dust proof, insect proof, condensation proof, etc.

Product Model








Cabinet Type

Battery cabinet

                     Power supply cabinet

        Equipment cabinet













Hot dip galvanized plate

Protection Grade


Solar Radiation

Total radiation intensity≤1120W/ m²

Relative Humidity


Thermal insulation

The comprehensive heat transfer   coefficient is not more than 3W/ (m²·K)

Wind resistance

Can withstand wind load of 60m/s

Color appearance

White and gray

Direction of the door

Front door mode


650*750*1500/650*750*1200 (mm)

Input voltage

220VAC or 380VAC

Security Measures

The cabinet is equipped with access   control, built-in hinge, three-point locking structure







Equipped with AC48200B subrack

Equipped with AC48600B subrack

Equipped with AC48200B subrack


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