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  • Outdoor telecom Integrated Cabinet

  • Outdoor telecom Integrated Cabinet

  • Outdoor telecom Integrated Cabinet

  • Outdoor telecom Integrated Cabinet

  • Outdoor telecom Integrated Cabinet

Outdoor telecom Integrated Cabinet

The Outdoor telecom communication 5G Integrated Cabinet suitable for the establishment of communication distributed base stations, reasonable internal space layout;
flexible configuration and installation of communication system equipment, power supply, battery, temperature control and other supporting equipment according to actual conditions, with power and environmental monitoring function

Product Description

Outdoor telecom Integrated Cabinet

Product Introduction

Outdoor telecom Integrated Cabinet refers to the integrated equipment of metal and non-metal materials directly affected by the climate. It can be equipped with communication equipment, transmission equipment, monitoring equipment and other ancillary equipment, and can provide reliable mechanical equipment and equipment. Environmental protection is the normal operation of internal equipment.

The production, performance and safety protection of the outdoor integrated cabinet meet the current national codes and standards. The product adopts modular assembly design, the structure of the whole cabinet is highly compatible, universal and integral, and the product have unified after-sales service management; The product is highly integrated, and can be implemented plug and use, fast installation and delivery.

Our company has the production and service capacity of cabinet system and air conditioning system to ensure the stability and maintainability of the entire outdoor integrated cabinet system.

Outdoor telecom Integrated Cabinet

 The cabinet shown in the picture is the one we cooperated with Mobile China, One of the largest telecommunication in China

Configuration and Specifications


Specification and size (excluding beautified wooden   strip cover)

Outside dimensions(mm)




Outdoor integrated cabinet type A




Outdoor integrated cabinet type B




Outdoor integrated cabinet type C





The Working Environment

Operating temperature: -40℃ ~ +55℃;

Storage temperature: -40 ~ +70;

Relative humidity: 5%-95%RH;

Atmospheric pressure: 54kPa ~ 101kPa (approximately 5000m ~ 0m above sea level);

Total solar radiation intensity:≤1120× (1±10%) W/m2.


The Protective

  • High and low temperature: the product has the ability to withstand high temperature of 65 and low temperature of -40;

  • Radiation resistance: the product has the ability to withstand the maximum intensity of 1120× (1±10%) W/m2 of solar radiation;

  • Wind resistance: the product can withstand wind load of 60m/s;

  • Protection Level: the protection level of the product equipment cabin reaches IP55;

  • Anti- Photochemical effect of sunlight: the high polymer materials such as rubber and sealant exposed on the outer surface of the cabinet have good Anti- Photochemical effect of sunlight ability. After 24 days of cyclic photochemical effect test, there is no swelling or cracking phenomenon;

  • Heat insulation: the product has good heat insulation performance; the comprehensive heat transfer coefficient is not greater than 3.0W/(m2·K).

  • Anti-salt fog: the surface material of the cabinet body has the ability of anti-corrosion and anti-salt fog

  • Anti-static: effectively prevent the generation and accumulation of static electricity, protect the safe and reliable operation of communication equipment;

  • Light airtight: under the condition of closing the door and reserving the orifice in the sealed masking design, no external light leakage into the product in the equipment cabin.


The Earthquake Resistance Capacity

The seismic reinforcement of the product meets the requirements of the 8 level intensity seismic performance regulation in YD  5083-2005 Code for Seismic Performance Testing of Telecommunication Equipment


The Noise Requirement

In the closed state, the maximum noise is not more than 60dB at the position 1.5m away from the cabinet door and 1.2m above the ground.


The cooperation case: 

China Mobile